Trauma Backpack Red EMS – without first aid supplies



Overall size is 52mm x 40mm x 20mm Has 8 detachable Velcro zip pouches and a large center pocket which has room for a ‘C’ size oxygen cylinder. Frontal pockets measure 25mm x 33mm x 7mm and the lower pocket has elastic loops on the inside for a penlight, shears etc.. The upper pocket has a zippered pouch on the outside. The sides feature two 48mm x 18mm x 10mm pockets. Right side pocket has dividers and the left pocket has 4 standard-size removable pouches. Opening the bag reveals three large utility pouches and one extra-large pouch. A strap holds the ‘C’ cylinder securely. The bag has molded feet on the bottom for extra protection and handles so it can be carried like a suitcase if desired. Reflective yellow strips provide safety to wearer. Weight approximate 3.5 kg. 




Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 54 × 48 × 32 cm