Holding an event which requires first aid personnel?

We can provide you with experienced first aid officers.
First Aid Plus is able to supply you with experienced First Aid Officers for your event. First Aid Plus first aid personnel are highly trained (holding as minimum of training First Aid, Oxygen and Defibrillation) and are all fully insured taking care of your Duty of Care Workplace Health and Safety responsibility  for your school, business site, building site, film location or almost anywhere you can imagine. We have experience with providing first aid services for events from 4 competitors to events with over 5,000 competitors and 10,000 spectators


We have experience in providing First Aid and Medical coverage for sporting events events such as Football – NRL and Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Track and Field, Marathons, Triathlons, Karate, Tennis, Golf, Whitewater kayaking, Sailing, Boating, Swimming, Surfing, BMX, Cross Country, if its sport we cover it.


We can provide friendly Medical /First Aid service for your corporate events, media events, music festivals etc.


We supply First Aid Personnel to school sports, including Surfing Carnivals, Swimming, Football, Tennis, Netball, Golf, Track and Field etc


Equipment allocated to every event as a minimum is a First Aid Kit, Oxygen, Defibrillator and Ice. Also available for your event are stretchers, extrication collars, portable beds, tables and tents if necessary.

If you are holding an event and want more information please contact us at [email protected] or call on 02 99050155.