Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers 

Bookings taken for 6 or more participants

The course is appropriate for professional healthcare providers, such as physicians, nurses, and EMTS. The course must be successfully completed by lay rescuers interested in becoming BLS instructors. Most participants need 8 hours of instruction and practice to complete the course satisfactorily for the first time and 2 to 4 hours of review and practice to bring knowledge and skills to previous proficiency during retraining.

The BLS curriculum and evaluation for healthcare providers comprises modules on adult one-rescuer CPR, adult two-rescuer CPR, pediatric one-rescuer CPR, and barrier devices. All persons participating in a BLS healthcare provider’s course must be trained in the use of a mask with a one-way valve (non rebreathing valve) for instruction in rescue breathing and in mouth-to-mouth ventilation.

A written evaluation and manikin skill evaluation are part of this course. Successful course completion cards may be given to students who meet the criteria as described.

The module for automated external defibrillation  included.