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ACLS cardiovascular pharmacology (core), including the Why? (actions), When? (indications), How? (dosing), and Watch out! (precautions) of the following agents:
* Electricity
* Oxygen
* Epinephrine
* Lidocaine
* Bretylium
* Magnesium sulfate
* Procainamide
* Sodium bicarbonate
* Atropine
   * Dopamine
*. lsoproterenol
* Vagal maneuvers (used as a drug)
* Adenosine
* Verapamil
* Diitiazem
* p-Blocker (eg, atenolol, propranolol, or metoprolol)
* Nitroglycerin
* Nitroprusside
* Dobutamine
* Morphine sulfate
* Furosemide
* A thrombolytic agent (the one used in the provider’s work setting)

Stroke management
Early management (first 30 minutes) of the following special resuscitation situations (supplemental):
* Hypothermia
* Drowning and near-drowning
* Cardiac arrest associated with trauma
* Electrocution and lightning strike
* Cardiac arrest of the pregnant patient
* Possible drug overdose

Evaluation Stations
Megacode leadership (core) and full participation (core), including:
Knowledge and skills to manage the core Megacode scenario: the first 10 minutes of an adult VF cardiac arrest
The core Megacode scenario covers the following areas:
– Universal algorithm (for pulseless patient)
– Basic adult CPR (primary ABCD survey)
   – VF/VT algorithm
Appropriate use of the secondary ABCD survey -Acceptable noninvasive airway management techniques
– Endotracheal intubation (only if professional role requires)
– IV techniques (peripheral fine only)
– Defibrillation with AEDs and conventional defibrillators
– Use of pharmacologic agents: epinephrine, lidocaine, bretylium, procainamide,
sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate
1 . If a participant clearly cannot demonstrate adequate mastery of listed skills,
the instructor shall provide remediation until skills are achieved.
2. Participants who successfully complete the course with superior performance
in the case scenarios may be designated by the course director as providers with
instructor potential. Providers with the motivation and ability to teach may be
encouraged to participate in an instructor course. You may want to indicate
instructor potential (IP) on their course record.