ACLS Course for Experienced Providers:


Ø To provide an alternative for ACLS providers who wish to renew their provider status (the current recommendation for renewal is every 2 years). ACLS-EP is a new, expanded course designed to challenge experienced providers rather than repeat information in the ACLS Provider Course.

Ø To provide a stimulus for expert clinicians and scientists to identify the many areas in resuscitation that require a different approach from that of the basic provider course.

Ø To teach experienced ACLS providers new information on how to assess and manage critical cardiovascular emergencies not currently addressed in ACLS.


Ø To provide adult continuing education for learners who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in ACLS but are not required to document successful completion.

The combination of the ACLS Provider Course followed by the ACLS-EP Course will provide regular updates of knowledge and skills. The course we believe, will stimulate interest in “keeping up” and will help satisfy institutional requirements for regular continuing medical education, a requirement faced by clinicians and healthcare professionals yearly. Perhaps of greatest value, the course will generate greater interest in ACLS among persons who till now take one ACLS course but seldom if ever return for timely review